100% Whey Protein Isolate


100%WPI is a high specification virtually fat free and carbohydrate free whey protein powder with an extremely high biological valence. It has a naturally occurring full amino acid profile which is essential for muscle growth and offers a much higher bio-availability and a stronger (65%) nitrogen retaining ability than meat, fish, eggs, casein, vegetable or plant proteins. It is the one of best whey protein isolates you can buy.

100%WPI is the best choice of protein for either gaining quality lean muscle mass and strength without any fat gain or for conditioning and reducing bodyfat. Whey Isolate is perfect for Ketogenic diets too as it provides maximum nitrogen retention and anabolic effect which is vital for reversing the negative muscle tissue wasting effects caused from ketosis. This is the strongest cold processed whey protein isolate you can buy and offers excellent value for money when compared to the cost of using other proteins like eggs, chicken, fish or meat.

100%WPI contains 123 calories per 30g serving, 28.5g protein, less than <0.75g carbohydrate, virtually zero fat <0.6g and virtually zero lactose (milk sugar) <0.2g.

100%WPI is instantised and mixes easily in a shaker, it can also be mixed into yoghurts or yoghurt drinks, cottage cheese, fruit smoothies or added to oatmeal to increase your protein intake.

100%WPI is not spiked with cheap amino acids and contains no gum, fillers, sweeteners, flavourings or added low-grade incomplete proteins to cut down on production costs.


Neutral flavour
(unflavoured and unsweetened)

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