The mind is like a muscle. It can be strengthened through its use. The more it works the stronger it becomes.


Getting into shape isn’t easy and if it was it would hold no value. It requires hard work, self discipline and will power. Developing a positive attitude is an essential component of success when you are attempting to reach any goal. There is a physical aspect to our being and a non-physical aspect. These two things are connected to one another every second of the day. Thoughts are the language of the mind and feelings are the language of the body. When the mind and body are combined with a daily physical discipline and performed with an intense focus and concentration repeatedly then self-discipline and will power can be strengthened, rep by rep, step by step.

Self discipline creates more self discipline and repetition is the key to success.


The essence of success is progression. Progress comes from hard work, patience, persistence, and most importantly self discipline, not just discipline but SELF discipline. This is all attitude and represents the non-physical aspect of training. Developing a positive attitude can be achieved through physical discipline, provided you have the correct instruction. This requires proper planning and preparation and requires thought. This is what creates desire and motivation initially and leads to self-confidence as improvement manifests at the physical level and results are observed. It is the thinking part of the mind body connection. The doing/feeling part is the physical aspect which leads to self discipline if repeated daily and then becomes habit. It’s all about the reps.

It is the accumulation or build up of all the successful workouts you have which develops into a powerful sense of achievement. It is this feeling of success or sense which pushes you from one workout to the next and provides you with all the moving momentum and motivation you will ever need to stay on track with your diet and training and achieve your objectives.

Understand the connection between the mind and body at the experiential level.

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