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100% WHEY is a high specification, very low fat and virtually carbohydrate free whey protein powder with an extremely high biological valence and nitrogen retaining ability.

100% WHEY retains 54% more nitrogen than whole egg protein and with virtually zero milk sugars this delactosed cold filtered whey protein offers a considerable price advantage when compared to 100% WHEY ISOLATE but with an almost identical specification and performance making it the ideal whey protein choice when using quantity.

100% WHEY offers both high performance and excellent value for money when compared to other whey proteins making it unbeatable especially when on a budget.
Each 30g single serving contains only 129 calories, 25g Protein, less than<1g Carbohydrate and 2.7g Fat.

100%WHEY has a naturally occurring full amino acid profile, essential for muscle growth and offers a nitrogen retaining ability far greater than whole egg, beef, chicken, fish, casein and vegetable or plant proteins.

100% WHEY is made from a high grade cold processed raw material which is delactosed to remove virtually all the milk sugars but not the fats. There are no artificial additives, sweeteners, flavourings or any emulsifier added which means it does require a blender or a fork for best results when mixing but it is the purest form of protein you can buy and offers a big price difference to using Whey Isolate. It can be added to virtually anything, pancakes, oatmeal, rice pudding, yoghurts, cottage cheese or used to make fruit smoothies.

100%WHEY is not spiked with amino acids and contains no gum, thickening agents, fillers or added low-grade incomplete proteins to cut down on production costs.

33 servings

Neutral flavour

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