100% WHEY is a high specification very low fat and very low carbohydrate protein powder with an extremely high biological valence. Each 30g serving contains only 120 calories, 25g Protein, only 1.8g Carbohydrate and has less than <1.5g Fat. 100%WHEY is a blend of whey concentrate, whey isolate and whey hydrolysate. It has a naturally occurring full amino acid profile essential for muscle growth and offers a nitrogen retaining ability far greater than whole egg, beef, chicken, fish, casein and vegetable or plant proteins.

100% WHEY is not spiked with amino acids and contains no added gum, fillers or low-grade incomplete proteins to cut down on production costs.

33 servings

Available in Neutral, Vanilla, Strawberry, Milk Chocolate and Banana flavour

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Neutral and Milk Chocolate flavour currently sold out

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