100% WHEY ISOLATE is a high specification virtually fat free and carbohydrate free protein powder with an extremely high biological valence. It has a naturally occurring full amino acid profile and offers a nitrogen retaining ability far greater than meat, fish, whole egg, casein, vegetable or plant proteins.

100% WHEY ISOLATE is an excellent choice for either gaining quality lean muscle mass and strength without any fat gain or for conditioning and reducing bodyfat. This is one of the best whey protein isolates you can buy and still offers excellent value for money when compared to eggs, chicken, fish or meat.

Each 30g serving contains only 112 calories, if mixed with water, 29g protein and virtually zero fat and zero carbohydrate.

100% WHEY ISOLATE is not spiked with amino acids and contains no added gum, fillers or low-grade incomplete proteins to cut down on production costs.

33 servings

Available in Neutral and Coconut flavour

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Strawberry, Unflavoured, Vanilla


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